Monday, March 30, 2015

Trekking to Kawasan Falls

Climbing the highest Peak in Cebu is achievement enough but the adventurous side in us wanted more. So on our 2nd day, from Osmeña Peak, we traversed the very long road to Kawasan Falls. That's usually the itinerary when one goes to O-Peak, traverse to Kawasan the next day. So off we went on our 6hrs journey (usually takes 5-7hrs depending on the pace).

Good thing some of the road we took were wide and paved.
Taking some much needed rest and eating our snacks.
So happy to see the falls. Because my line for the last 2hrs were "Are we there yet?? Are we there yet??" Hahahaha
And the best thing to do after that torturous walk, dipping in the falls and cooling off. ☺
Another great memory and I was so happy to have shared it with my Highschool friends. Though only few of us came, but the support and camaraderie is still there. I miss you my highschool buddies! Till next adventure with you guys! :*
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Osmeña Peak Traverse to Kawasan Falls Adventure:
Day 1 - Osmeña Peak
Day 2 - Kawasan Falls (You are here!)
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