Friday, March 27, 2015

Osmeña Peak Adventure

I never thought that after that suuuuuper tiring experience of climbing Osmeña Peak and traversing to Kawasan Falls after that I'd do it again. Yesss!! You heard me right. Can't believe that I'm doing it AGAIN!! >_<

But before we embark on that journey again, let me share to you my experience on the first one.
We gathered at South Bus Terminal, the starting line of our journey to O-Peak.
After about 2hrs of journey, we arrived at (skina) Mantalungon, Dalaguete.
From there, we took a Habal-Habal ride to the Mantalungon Market where we had our lunch and bought our provisions for dinner (Rice and Lechon Manok) and breakfast and lunch (Canned Goods) the next day.
After all were set and ready, we started our hike to the foot of Osmeña Peak.
It was a good thing that we have a friend who frequents the Peak so he acted as our Tour Guide. But if all of you are first timers looking for adventure, local kids will be very willing to help you find your way. Just give them a little token of appreciation after. You can also ask them to buy in the market or fetch water.
On the way to the Peak ☺
Finally we arrived at the foot of the Peak. Time to hitch those tents and get comfortable.
Cooking breakfast..
This ohhh-sooo-awesome view! All the stress in getting here, erased in an instant when I saw this view. It was all worth it. And seeing this now drives me to climb again. ☺

Osmeña Peak: A Guide to Getting Ready
What to Bring
It is advisable to wear clothes that are comfortable. Please don't wear maong jeans or shorts. Also, as much as possible, waterproof everything that's inside your bag because we will never know when it'll rain. Just wrap everything in plastic before stuffing it in your bag. Lastly, the best trail food (for me) is chocolate! Hahaha.. There went the choco lover in me. ☺

Hope you have a wonderful climb. And wish us luck for our next climb. I hope it will all turn out fine. We are still looking for a stove and a cook set.. Oh myyyy!! >_<
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