Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bucket Shrimp in CYC

Do you Love sucking heads? I mean, a Shrimps' Head? Hahaha.. OMG!! I did not just do that?!?
Anyways, for Oponganons (residents of Mactan, Cebu) who loves Shrimps, we can now enjoy buckets of it at Bucket Shrimp in Cebu Yacht Club.

What actually drew me to try Bucket Shrimp is their Bibs! Hahaha.. Isn't it cute?!?
The Menu
Their menu is pasted in a Bucket containing plastic wraps for fingers. No utensils here guys! We eat primitive! Kamay kung kamay! Hahaha.. 
They don't really have a variety of food to choose from but since you're here for the shrimps, it shouldn't be a big problem! ☺
They have three flavors of shrimps to choose from-- the Cajun Shrimps, Garlic Butter Shrimps, and Curry Shrimps.
I personally like the Garlic Butter Shrimp more because of its sweetness. But if you want something spicy, try the Cajun Shrimps instead. Mind you, all the shrimps are very saucy!
And these Chicken Wings, yummm!
A Bucket Shrimp priced at 350php contains about 20pcs of shrimp and is good for 2people. A rice bucket priced at 100php is good for 2-3people (depending on how much of a rice-eater you are) but the also have single serving for 15php. Drinks would cost you 50php and that is bottomless already.
So total budget would be roughly 240php~350php! ☺

Bucket Shrimp |  Cebu Yacht Club, Ibo, Lapu-Lapu City (near Marina Mall. They have other branches in Cebu City as well.) | Monday-Sunday 11am-12am

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