Thursday, September 11, 2014

Captain A's

I've been to a total of three Boodle Fight Restaurants in Cebu and one of them is Captain A's Seafood Grill. Dubbed as the "Home of the Boodle Fight Experience", they offer 7 Boodle Fight menus for you to choose from.

A complimentary Kropek while we wait. :)

We had the Sinugba Festival (Php1298) and the Birthday Boodle (Php1298).

And mind you, the Birthday Boodle comes with a Cake and an interesting and shocking Birthday Song :D

Overall, I really had a fun boodle experience at Captain A's. The serving size were satisfactory and was just enough for the 10 of us. But I really didn't notice the serving time though as I was too busy chatting up with the guys. I think it was served just right on time for me to notice a delay. So plus points for that. :)

Captain A's Seafood Grill | Don Jose Avila Street Capitol Site, Cebu City (They are located at the back of Cebu Doctor's Hospital) | +63 32 236 1693; +639436094057; +63 9772153596 (call from 10am - 2pm and from 4pm - 5pm)

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

2nd Time Around

La Vie Parisienne - I'm back with mooore and better pictures! I got to spend my second time here on yet another birthday celebration, this time it's mine. But I have yet to visit this place in broad daylight. They said it's as enchanting as it is at night. Someday. :)

Read all about my first visit here. :) 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Java Jazz

Our trip to Tagaytay wouldn't have been possible had we not found the cheapest place to stay in the area.
Luckily, we found Java Jazz. They only charge 990Phph (if I'm not mistaken. It's closer to 1000Php though) per night for your stay. 

The room is big enough for two and it is quite clean. We chose a non-air conditioned room though because: 1.) We were on a tight budget and;
2.) It's Tagatay for crying out loud. There are Pine Trees in there for a good reason, because it's cold.
And our decision was just right. Boy, was I under a blanket the whole evening. They have an electric fan though to keep us cold in the night just in case.

Their bathroom is communal though. It is built inside and have doors opening to each respective room. Two rooms shares one bathroom. But it was unnoticeable because, if my hunch was correct, there was no one occupying on the other side. We got to have the bathroom for ourselves. Lucky us! :)

Aside from it being a lodging house, it is also a Coffee Shop. They serve the famous Tsokolate-Eh! and a lot of coffees and frappes. They also have meals for you to choose from.

Included in the 990Php is a breakfast. How sulit can it be? We had their Longsilog and Hotsilog. And eating outside early in the morning sets the mood just about right! 

After that cozy rest and that hearty meal, off we go for our day's adventure! 

After our sight seeing, we went back to Java Jazz and had a dose of their frappes before heading back to Manila. We couldn't miss it for the world, being able to taste what they have to offer. And yes, they were delicious. 

An additional note though, the rooms are situated right below the coffee shop. And the coffee shop's floor are made of wood. You know where I'm going with this. You can hear the stomping of the customers above in the room. They did put a sign in the shop asking the customers to walk slowly but I guess, you cannot control everyone.

On lighter note, the staffs are very friendly and courteous. They greeted us every time we passed by and aided us in the directions. Thumbs up to that. That right there made this place highly recommended. 

Java Jazz | Java Jazz FB Page | 442 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City (You will pass it on your way to People's Park in the Sky. It is situated in the right. Just be sure to watch out for the Yellow building!) | Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am~9:00pm Sat 9:00am~10:30pm Sun 8:00am~9:00pm | +63468602699 ; 09174837399

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