Monday, August 10, 2015

21st Month: Rock'N Pizza (Eat All You Can Pizza!)

For 3 consecutive Monthsary Celebrations now, we've been hitting up Eat All You Can Restaurants. This time, we gave in to the Unlimited offerings of Pizza at Rock'N Pizza!
This is the first Eat All You Can Pizza Restaurant in Cebu that I've heard of.
And I promise, it will satisfy your Pizza cravings!! 
The restaurant is a two-story building with s Function Room at the 2nd Floor. You can reserve the entire 2nd Floor for parties and celebrations.

The Menu
People visit them because of their Eat-All-You-Can menu but they have A La Carte Pizza and other offerings as well like Sandwiches, Pastas, Chickens, and many more.

Pepperoni Planet
Extra Pepperoni and Cheese

Aloha Hawaiian
Ham, Bacon, and Pineapple

Rock'N Deluxe
Pepperoni, Mushroom, Onion, Peppers, Italian Sausage and Cheese

Rock'N Classic
Pepperoni and Mushroom

Rock'N Chicken Alfredo
Alfredo Sauce, Chicken Breast, Bacon, Mushroom
Their Pizzas are served fresh and hot. That's why, when there are many customers, expect a delay in orders. Anyways, you can stay their until 12midnight so you can still eat all the Pizza that you want! :)
Special mention to their professional and friendly staffs! Always has a smile on their faces! :)

Rock'N Pizza | Rock'N Pizza FaceBook | Park Terrace Plaza, Talamban, Cebu City (near and right along Family Park) | Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm, Friday - Sunday 11am - 12am | 032-318-8802 | 0917-670-1340

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bucket Shrimp in CYC

Do you Love sucking heads? I mean, a Shrimps' Head? Hahaha.. OMG!! I did not just do that?!?
Anyways, for Oponganons (residents of Mactan, Cebu) who loves Shrimps, we can now enjoy buckets of it at Bucket Shrimp in Cebu Yacht Club.
What actually drew me to try Bucket Shrimp is their Bibs! Hahaha.. Isn't it cute?!?
The Menu
Their menu is pasted in a Bucket containing plastic wraps for fingers. No utensils here guys! We eat primitive! Kamay kung kamay! Hahaha.. 
They don't really have a variety of food to choose from but since you're here for the shrimps, it shouldn't be a big problem! ☺
They have three flavors of shrimps to choose from-- the Cajun Shrimps, Garlic Butter Shrimps, and Curry Shrimps.
I personally like the Garlic Butter Shrimp more because of its sweetness. But if you want something spicy, try the Cajun Shrimps instead. Mind you, all the shrimps are very saucy!
And these Chicken Wings, yummm!
A Bucket Shrimp priced at 350php contains about 20pcs of shrimp and is good for 2people. A rice bucket priced at 100php is good for 2-3people (depending on how much of a rice-eater you are) but the also have single serving for 15php. Drinks would cost you 50php and that is bottomless already.
So total budget would be roughly 240php~350php! ☺

Bucket Shrimp |  Cebu Yacht Club, Ibo, Lapu-Lapu City (near Marina Mall. They have other branches in Cebu City as well.) | Monday-Sunday 11am-12am

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Meet MOMO (Unboxing: SJ4000)!

Living life to the fullest, being open to any adventure and going to places are what fuels our generation. We want to spend our time and money on experiences and meeting new people. Creating awesome memories is our goal!
And what better way to preserve memories created than to capture them. We already have a DSLR Camera that captures high quality images but I've always wanted and UnderWater camera for, well, UnderWater stills.
And after browsing in Lazada, I've found the best action camera that suits my budget. I know, it does look a like the high end version but it's 80% cheaper!
Sports HD DV
Image Sensor: 12Mega Pixels CMOS Sensor
Color: 7 Colors (Black/White/Silver/Yellow/Blue/Red/Gold)
WiFi: Wireless WiFi
LCD: 1.5" LCD Screen
Image Resolutions: 12 Mega Pixels (4032*3024)
10 Mega Pixels (3648*2736)
8 Mega Pixels (3264*2448)
5 Mega Pixels (2592*1944)
3 Mega Pixels (2048*1536)
Video Resolutions: 1920*1080 30fps
1280*720 60fps
848*480 60fps
640*480 60fps
Video Compression Format: H.264
Default Resolution: Video (1920*1080 30fps) / Photo (12 Mega Pixels)
File Format: Video (.MOV) / Picture (.JPG)
Zoom: 4x
Lens: 170degrees HD wide-angle lens
Memory: Micro SD Card upto 32GB
Battery Life: 80minutes (1080P)
Battery: 900mAh
Dimensions: 29.8x5902x41 mm
Weight: 58g (with batteries)
Water Proof Case
Water Proof Case Braket
Water Proof Case Clip
Helmet Seat
Bike Bracket
Multifunctional Clip
Camera Clip
Cleaning Cloth
Power Adapter
3M Stickers
USB Cable
Sample Images:
When connected to phone via WiFi.
Sample Video:
Also, the video in my Tokyo Table Post was taken with my SJ4000 camera.
I was actually contemplating on buying a much cheaper action cam, the 8Ten Action Camera. But I found out its constraints when switching from Video to Camera whilst underwater. With the SJ4000, you can easily change the capturing mode with ease. 
All in all, I am quite pleased with my purchase. I already have a decent action camera for only 3,800php. And the it only took about 5days for Lazada to deliver the item.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

20th Monthsary: Tokyo Table

"Irasshaimase, Konbanwa!" is the greeting of the waiters once you enter this Japanese Restaurant. Tokyo Table welcomes you to try their Smokeless Grill, Sushis and Asian Fusion foods. And try we did with my Love to celebrate our 20Months of being together. ♥
STOP!! (Hahaha.. I just had to because of that cutie right there with his hand sign and all.. ☺)Before we start this gastronomical feast, let's see first how much this will cost our pockets.
We went there for dinner on a Thursday evening so it costed us 728php per person. That's all inclusive of VAT and service charge so no need to worry about hidden charges. ☺ It's a bit expensive but with the array of food to choose from, it's totally worth it.
And what do they have?
Well, true to their name, every table has an installed Smokeless Grill. You can choose from Beef Strips, Pork Strips, Samgyeupsal, Chicken, Hotdog, Squid, Shrimp to grill at your hearts content.
A tip: Don't be shy to ask the waiter for an additional oil to the grill or a replacement even if it gets to dark because of burned meat. They will be very happy to help you. 
We mostly just passed through them (because we were intent on eating all the meats as we can.. #CARNIVORE) but they have Tempura, Sushis, Bulgogi, Sashimi, Salad Station, Steamed Station (Siomai, Siopao), some cooked meats (I'm liking the Pata Tim and Humba), and rice. That's a lot huh?!?
Pluuuus it's also unlimited drinks to boot!!You can have your choice of Soda or Iced Tea. And because we are non-soda drinkers (you should be too!) we went for Iced Tea in which they have Red, Blue, Pink and Regular. I like them colorful drinks! *wink
I'm in my happy place right now, just looking at them! DESSERT! Too bad I hadn't had the chance to taste them all. I will come back for you, Brazo de Mercedes, Chocolate Truffle and I want more of you Creme Brulee, Leche Flan, and Choco Lava! Sighhhhh..
In addition, they have IceCreams and a Make-Your-Own-Halo-Halo!
Whoooo! That was A LOT!
I'm salivating while writing this. Too bad I had a bit of a cold when we went here. But I'm hoping we can visit again! #CrossingFingers ♥

I also made a video, so please watch it! 

Tokyo Table | City Time Square, Mandaue, Cebu City (Right beside LIV) | 032-239-7000 | Mondays - Sundays | Lunch (11:30am ~ 2:00pm) Dinner (6:00pm ~ 10:00pm)

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