Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Yaki House

YAKINIKU is a Japanese term which means "grilled meat" in the broadest sense. It's crawled its way into the heart of the Cebuanos with a lot of Yakiniku Restaurants opening up lately. But one affordable and authentic Yakiniku Restaurant is The Yaki House in A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad.
Different from other well known Yakiniku place where they use electric grill, in the Yaki House, you cook on smoldering charcoal. Talk about authentic. :)
It can be hot at times and fire may ensue while grilling so watch out for the meat while cooking.
The Menu
For as low as 199Php, you can already enjoy unlimited Rice, Pork, Chicken, Chorizo for lunch. But to enjoy more, I suggest you go all the way to Menu C where you add 100Php for their Imported Beef.
The Beef is really the star of the show. Hahaha. It's the tastiest and will make your dining experience more "sulit".
During the time that we went, we didn't bothered adding on up to Menu D because the Scallops was not available at that time. 
If you don't want the Eat-All-You-Can (why wouldn't you?!?), they have Ala Carte menu as well. Maybe an add-on to your unlimited option. But I don't know which option is cheaper. Hmmmm
All in all, it was indeed a fun dining experience sans the heat of the grill. Hahaha. We were overwhelmed by the food that they served. Every minute, they gave us a new dish to grill. But the rice took too long to serve. So ask for extras before hand. ;)

The Yaki House | El Dorado, Banilad, Cebu City (beside Caltex under the Banilad overpass) | (032) 564-3996 | Lunch: 11:00AM - 2:00PM | Dinner: 6:00PM - 10:00PM

Enjoooy! :*
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unli Lechon @ Tatang's

Unlimited Lechon? Yep! You heard me right! Tatang's Lechon, located in Wilson Street, Lahug, offers unlimited Lechon every Monday, 10am-1pm and 6pm-9pm for only 199Php.
So if you are craving for the roasted pig that we Cebuanos are known for, you know where to go! :)
Just beware of cholesterol! Hahahaha
You can be brave and order the Spicy Lechon or just enjoy eating with the Regular variant.
Spicy Lechon
Regular Lechon
Unlimited Rice
The Menu
As said earlier, unlimited Lechon costs 199Php.
1cup of Rice costs 15Php.
If you want to have unlimited rice as well, you just have to add 30Php.
So, Unli Lechon + Unli Rice = 244Php
Other items on their Menu :)
If you think you can't eat that much lechon, you can also order per kilo basis.
The lechon is really full of flavor is Extra Crispy! Kudos for living up to its claim. :) I also like how lean the meat is. There is less fat and more of the meat. (y)
Reminder: Just be mindful of your health and remember to take things in moderation!
Although we were a bit "lugi" (we were so full and only ate about 175php worth), it was still worth the experience. Minus the dizziness after! :)

Tatang's Extra Crispy Boneless Lechon | Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City (in-front of Pino Restaurant. That corner going to St. Therese Church) | For Delivery, call (032) 316-4719

Enjoooy! :*
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Monday, April 25, 2016

My AWUM2016 Experience

All Women Ultra Marathon - Never in my wildest dreams have I ever imagined running an Ultra Marathon. I mean, the distance itself is unimaginable. Even for me, the longest distance I've run is a Half Marathon. I never thought of going beyond the distance, not even a Full Marathon. I was apprehensive and scared.
But since AWUM (All Women Ultra Marathon), they made running 50km distance achievable, bearable, inspiring.
I've always wanted to be an AWUM Woman! Their dedication, determination, strength and will power inspires me!

And now I can proudly say, I am one of them. I am an AWUM WOMAN!

My AWUM Experience
Getting ready! :)
Pre-Race: Train. Train. Train. This has got to be the longest run in my entire running career. And it goes to say that running unprepared might be the death of me. I only had about 2months to really prepare for AWUM. Because ThinkTank only opened the registration on January10. And the race was set for March12-13. Good thing I was already logging miles for Cebu City Marathon 2016. It helped that I was running religiously for 3months prior.

With my Support System! #ItsComplicatedFriends
Happy to run alongside these AWESOME Women!
KM0: Butterflies in my stomach. Nervous but happy at the same time. Especially knowing that I have my support system with me believing that I can do it!
Feeling Free!!! :)
KM7: Running at an easy pace. Walking in the uphills and being free in the downhills.

KM12: Restroom break. Hehehe

KM15: I was hungry! My stomach kind of hurt when I run. It didn't also help that I had hyper-acidity just days before the race. Tip: Eat dinner about 3hours before the race.

KM21: A little disappointed. I was waaaaay below my best time of Half-Marathon. I really did took my time. Hahaha. I wished I run all the way at least for 21km since I know that I can really do it. I was kind of complacent knowing that I have 10hours to finish and my stomach was also getting in the way.
Thank you Nanay for pacing with me! Bilib kaau ko!
KM30: Crossing the bridge. You will start to feel the fatigue at this time. And dayyyym did I feel every step! From the tips of my toes to my legs and thighs. I wished I drank a pain reliever (Alaxan FR) to ease the sore muscles.

KM42: Full Marathon! But my spirit was still down. I just mostly walked and stopped at every aid station to ask for a liniment and a massage. I am really thankful for all the support from the Running Community. It made running 50km attainable and bearable.

KM46: Beauty Station! Time to retouch. Finish Line is just a 4kms ahead!
Running along SRP!
KM48: I can already see the Finish Line. But I still have 2kms to go?!?
With my Rose! :)
KM49: Rose Station! Felt so feminine and a lady despite looking haggard after almost 8hours of running!
My heart was filled with so much Love when I saw my two boys! :*
Daddy Love and Lucky Love!
KM50: FINISH LINE! I was soo happy when I crossed the Finish Line! Seeing my friends, my LUCKY and my LOVE waiting patiently gave me a boost and my energy was instantly regained.
List of Finishers' printed in Sunday's Newspaper
The most sought after medal!
Confidently beautiful in a pair of Running Shoes.
I am an AWUM Woman!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Zark's Burger - The Greasier, The BETTER!

I've always been a Burger Lover. Right back from my childhood days when I always, always tell Mama to bring me Jollibee Burger whenever she visits the City. It's one of my guilty cravings aside from Dessert and Lechon and Sinigang anddddd... Hehehe
So when Zark's Burger finally came to Cebu, I JUST HAVE TO TRY IT!
And so are my fellow Cebuanos! The place is almost always full nowadays.
Thankfully, there was no crazy line when we came (April 3) but we still waited for a couple of minutes to be seated.
They have seats outside the veranda too for an Al Fresco dining. :)
We ordered the "Bacon Wrapped Burger" that costed us 270php. It came with Fries and Drinks. If you wish to upgrade to a Bottomless Drink, you can just add 35php.
This was amaziiing! The Bacon is crispy. And it was not too greasy! After eating, it was still stuck on my mind. Hahaha. I really need to try it again!
And the portion is very big! My boyfriend and I shared this one and we were both satisfied. You have to be hungry or have a big appetite to finish this all in one seating! Hahaha.. Kudos to you!
This is definitely recommended to burgers and bacon lovers alike!
"Try it at your own risk!" Hahaha

The Menu
They actually offer a variety of food aside from their burgers. But definitely come here for the burgers!
Happy 29th Monthsary to us my Love!
Thank you for giving in to my request and letting me try Zark's Burger!
Let's go back, please!!! :D

Zark's Burger | SM City Cebu (2nd Floor, along Sunburst, Kenny Rogers, Krispy Kreme)

Enjoooooy! :*

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