Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Parilya (Lechon | SeaFood | Grill)

For our 17th Monthsary, my man and I played dress-up and went to this new restaurant in South Road Properties (SRP). Managed by the same people behind Cafe Laguna- the Laguna Group, Parilya Restaurant offers a variety of seafood and grilled dishes and the Pinoys' favourite Lechon.
Because it's fairly new, a part of the building is still under construction. You wouldn't have guessed that a restaurant is operating at the back. :P
I like the modern and clean ambiance.
I did not cared so much though for the sea-view. Because we went at night, honestly, all you can see is pitch black. Saved from the occasional flickering of light from the distance. Had we visited in daytime, my view might change.
Combos (served with rice and atsara)
Lechon Combo - 195Php
Chicken BBQ Combo - 145Php
Pork BBQ Combo - 145Php
When our food came, I was surprised by the serving size. I mean, look at that rice! It is so big and compact. And the dishes is filling enough for one person. We ordered their Combos so that we can try as many dish that we can and I'm glad we did.
The Menu
At first, we were intimidated because we thought that the restaurant was too fancy. It's not that bad at all. You just have to be wise in ordering if you are in a tight budget. 
I would love to see this restaurant in full bloom. Surely a must visit in SRP.
Parilya Restuarant | Laguna Group | South Road Properties, Cebu City (a few blocks after Lantaw SRP) | (032) 511-8832
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Having Fun in Funtastic Island

From one cliff diving adventure to the other, me and my equally adventurous friends didn't pass up the opportunity to try the highest Cliff Jump in Cebu- the Colorful, Funtastic Island in Gibitngil Island, Kawit, Medellin.
So one Sunday morning, we woke up really early (5:00am early) and got ready.

How to get there:
Option A: Commuter's Way
1.) Take a bus from North Bus Terminal to Kawit, Medellin. Bus fare woud cost you around 150php and 3-4hrs travel time.
2.) I am not very sure though where the route of the Bus ends but you can de-bus at the Kawit Town Proper, buy all your necessities (i.e., Food for Lunch like Lechon Manok can be bought at the town, water, etc.), and take a motorcycle to the Kawit Port.
3.) From the Kawit Port, negotiate for a boat ride going to Funtastic Island. Prices are usually 1200php for small groups of 5-6 people and 1500php for big groups of up to 20 people (2-way). The boat ride usually takes about 15-20mins.
You'll definitely know when you've arrived in Funtastic Island when you see all those beautiful and colorful cottages! So pleasing to the eyes!! :)

Option B: Road-trippin with your Own Car
1.) Navigate your way to Kawit Port, Kawit, Medellin. It's convenient that way and if you're afraid you'll get lost, don't. Helpful signs will point you in the right direction. Also, they have guides who will lead you to the Port and Parking Area. Speaking of Parking, they have safe parking spaces (house yard turned parking) where you can leave your car for 100php.
2.) Same as above, from there, take a boat to Funtastic Island and enjoy. ☺

By the way, bring your own food before going to the Island because there's no food sold there. Maybe a Sari-Sari Store but no food good for lunch.
I would recommend for you to call up the Municipality prior to going there to reserve a Cottage and maybe negotiate a boat. The municipality initially gave us a deal for 900php boat good for 6people but unfortunately, their boat was unavailable.
Cottages on the other hand would cost you from 200php~350php. Another tip, take the 350php. It's nearer the water and you can look over your belongings while having fun swimming.
Aside from Cliff Diving, you can also try Zipling across the sea for 50php.
Whooohoooo!! Longest 2seconds of my life!! Hahahaha
Floaters - 50php
And that is our colorful, exiting and adventurous Summer!
I thank God for the gift of nature and for giving me friends to enjoy it with! ☺

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

MV Logos Hope: Bringing Hope to the Cebuanos

I've always been a bookworm at heart. I love reading because it let's me pass time in a fun way. I love the smell of paper and the feel of it. And most specially, reading let's me go to places I've never been to. So when MV Logos Hope, the world's largest floating bookstore, came to Cebu, I never pass up the chance to visit. 
Yesterday, I revisited my love for reading hardbound books. I was all smiles from the moment we boarded to the time I saw all the books before my eyes to the time I paid for my purchase up until stepping the last stair at the exit. 
Thank you MV Logos Hope for bringing KNOWLEDGE, HOPE, and HELP not only to us, Cebuanos, but also to our fellowmen as well. 
To gain entrance to the boat, you need to pay an Entrance Fee of 20php per person.
To be honest, I've always wanted to be a volunteer. To tour the world, see different cultures and extend my help to those in need even just for a year or so. I salute each and every volunteer for their time and dedication offered.
There's sooo many people!! Hahaha
I really wanted to grab a book, sit down and just read for hours but I may cause traffic so no can do.
1unit = 1peso
I was actually torn between 7 books but I had to make a choice or else I will be broke. So I purchased only 3. Books are priced from 100php~400php. They also have a bargain of books wherein you can buy 5books for only 250php. That's 50php per book only!
And if you ever get hungry from all that book picking and reading, they offer Icecream and Popcorn at the end of the deck.
And the books I've purchased. 1 for the Body, 1 for the Heart, 1 for the Soul. :)
See you again MV Logos Hope. 

MV Logos Hope | Docked beside Malacañang of the South Palace near Plaza Independencia and Pier1. If you bring your own car, you can park along SRP for a Parking Fee of 20php | They will be here in Cebu from May 6 - May 28 | Open every Tuesdays - Saturdays from 10:00am - 09:30pm and Sundays from 01:00pm - 09:30pm 

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