Tuesday, June 23, 2015

UnbeliBaboyTravels: Samar

The month of June is about to end and I am so greatful for the wonderful adventure I've experienced this month. 2weeks ago, I had the awesome chance to visit Samar to celebrate the Feast of San Antonio De Padua. What I was most excited about, aside from meeting The Boyfriend's whole family and seeing some of his childhood days, was having the chance to see and drive up to the longest bridge in the Philippines, the San Juanico Bridge. This bridge connects the two cities, Samar and Leyte. Trivia, if you're going to Samar, you'll notice the bridge forming a letter "S" and if you're going Leyte, it will form a letter "L". Oh how wonderful Philippines is! #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines I am one proud Pinay! ������ Thank you Samar for the warm welcome! Till my next visit! ��

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

19th Monthsary: Pino Restaurant

Whenever the 4th of the month comes, it always gets me excited and all thoughts of dieting and getting those Abs that I oh so desire (please form soon) just vanishes instantly on that day. 
For this month's Monthsary Celebration (those were a lot of months..phew..), we went to Pino Restaurant. Located at Wilson Street, Lahug, Pino is an Eat-All-You-Can restaurant that offers our favorite Filipino dishes from Humba to Lechon!
Hungry yet? Let's enjoy these gastronomical pictures that follows:
Pino is spacious enough to accommodate numerous guests. I like its vintage feel what with all the chandeliers hanging in the room. 
See!! I told you no diet!! Hahaha
Let the eating begin! :)
There were about 8 dishes served including a noodle soup, Dinuguan, Humba, Steamed Fish, Kaldereta, Lumpiang Ubod, Lechon Manok and Lechon Baboy.
They also have Siopao and Siomai.
And a vegetable salad corner.
Of course, there will always be room for dessert!
Beside Pino Restaurant is Plaza Pino, a more relaxed restaurant. They offer pizzas, cupcakes, coffees and Italian Foods.
Parking is not a problem in Pino. They have parking spaces (albeit small) in front of the restaurant. If there are no more parking spaces, don't fret because they have a second parking area just around the corner. And once parked, this vehicle will fetch you to and fro the parking area so you won't have to walk. Hassle free, right? ☺
To those who have big appetites, be sure to try Pino Restaurant. It's well worth the money. Plus, the service is commendable. The waiters are accommodating and are very vigilante to half-empty Iced Tea glasses. ☺

Pino Restaurant | Wilson St., Lahug, Cebu City (beside Fujinoya) | (032) 232-0939 | Lunch Buffet (299php inclusive of Bottomless Iced-Tea) 11am-2pm | Dinner Buffet (399php inclusive of Bottomless Iced-Tea) 6pm-10pm | Accepts Cash and Major Credit Cards
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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Color Manila Run 2015: Cebu Edition

I am beyond happy that my Summer 2015 ended with a blast-full of colors! They really put FUN in FUNRUN! No time-limit to mind. No personal record. Just run, or walk, stop and take a ton of selfies. ☺
Thank you to these amazing and super game people who didn't mind getting dirty with me! :*
Let's do this again this September in the Black Light Edition ha! :D 
Before you get colored, you get wet first. Hehe
Thank you Color Manila For these freebies:
Color Manila Foldable Shades in adorable Colors,
Drawstring Bag,
Brother Manila's super cute Brother Ink Pillow (and the reason why I ran 6k in the first place.. hehe),
Comfiest Singlet ever!
And this unique CM Medal!!
Don't worry. You will be reunited with you brother soon. Can't wait for September!
Trivia: See the holes in the Medal? The spaces will be filled by its' brother that you will get when you join the Color Manila Black Light Edition. Cool eh?? :D
Be sure to not miss the Color Festival after the run. You will experience this breathtaking (literally, because of all the colored powders.. So asthmatic people, be careful) kaleidoscope! :D
The dirtier you are, the better! Because it means that you really had fun! ☺
P.S., I can't stop smiling while writing this. Hahaha. I still have a ColorManila hangover!!

Color Manila Run | Color Manila Run Facebook Page

Photos courtesy of : UnbeliBaboy PhotoS
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