Monday, April 27, 2015

Mangodlong "Paradise" Beach Resort

Another option for your BeachBums out there are the sister beaches' (that sounded weird.. haha) Mangodlong Beach Resort and Mangodlong Paradise Beach resort.

I've been to Mangodlong Beach Resort twice and for an entrance fee of 40php, you can lounge and enjoy the white sand beach, play volleyball, swim at the sea and take countless pictures of this instagrammable place. They also have a swimming pool that you can use for an additional cost, cottages that you can rent and a restaurant that serves an array of menu.
But ever since I've heard about Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort and their infinity pool. So when we arrived at Mangodlong Beach Resort, I asked the receptionist where Paradise is and she courteously said that it is located just next to us, at the right side.
We just passed by it pala on our way to Mangodlong. It's kind of hard to spot especially when you see the Mangodlong signage and your eyes is fixed to the beach just a few meters ahead.
Finally we got to Paradise and I immediately asked the receptionist how much the entrance fee is. With a whooping 240php per person, they graciously allowed us to roam around the area for free and then decide if we want to stay. Once I saw the infinity pool I knew that I have to say goodbye to my money.
I mean, look at that. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so might as well grab it!
I was internally wishing though that there might be some freebies like free drink or free use of towel but there was none. Please consider this suggestion though.
They also have a restaurant and they were serving buffet breakfast to the in-house guests when we got there.
Sample of their refreshments: 
They also offer a package tour of the Island.
All in all, it was a 240php well spent.
P.S., they accept Credit Card payment. ☺ 
Swimsuit: KJ House of Accessories
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