Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lake Danao Park

After wading through the cool waters of Timubo Cave, we then went to our next destination, the Lake Danao Park. Lake Danao Park is a nice venue for picnics, and some fun activities like Kayaking, Horseback Riding, or even swimming in the pool (because it is not advisable to swim in the lake itself). For just 15php entrance fee for adults and 10php for kids plus 20php for the cottage, you will get to enjoy these activities and more.

Trail leading to nowhere.
Hi there Mr. Monkey! You will find him at the end of the trail. :)
The island inside the lake.
They do serve food inside so no need to worry if ever you get hungry. Bringing of food from the outside is also allowed.
Ohhh.. And the delicacy that I've been missing, the "Cabcab"!! (10php)
For the first time, my boyfriend tasted it and he loooved it! :)

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