Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Santiago White Beach

Dubbed as the Little Boracay in Cebu, Camotes Island surely didn't disappoint. With its pristine white sand beach, it really feels like your in Boracay.

Actually, it wasn't my original plan for us to camp at Santiago. I wanted to stay the night at Bakhaw Beach, Ezperanza originally because it's still undeveloped making the rates lower and the crowd less. But the downside to staying there is that there are no restaurants in the area. You can, however, bring your own raw food and cook it yourself. I know Borromeo Beach Resort has a kitchen for you to use if you stay with them.
Luckily for us, Santiago White Beach was not crowded during that time. We went there in time for Sanfrancisco Town's fiesta so everyone was in the town to celebrate. We, and a handful of tourists, had the beach all to ourselves.
We immediately proceeded to pitching our tents which costed us 100php per tent. Not bad, right? But if you have the extra money and would want to sleep in an actual bed, there are resorts that line up the coast. You can opt to stay at Santiago Beach Resort (they have pools), Payag Beach Resort, or BellaVistaMare Beach Resort to name a few. It will cost you at around 800~1500php per night on standard rooms.
And ohhh.. there is no entrance fee to the beach as it is a public beach. But once you bring a vehicle, you will have to pay the parking fee. Also, cottages with electricity are also available for rental (approximately 200php). But they have tables that you can use for free on a first-come-first-served basis.
Enjoying the beach and its serenity.
Come dinner time, we did not have a hard time finding food because there are several restaurants in the beach area. Here's a sample of their menu.
The food was actually cheap! The servings are big and the price are just right, some below 100php. We even got amazed when we got that pitcher of Iced Tea for 30php only!! Hahaha.. I thought I was just having a glass, but I got a pitcher! ☺
The next day, we also had our breakfast at the beach for 75php per combo meal (rice meal + coffee).
All in all, I was so happy to have made the decision to stay the night here instead. It was a very relaxing day full of laughter and stories shared.
I hope you had a wonderful time at Santiago White Beach like I did! ♥
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