Sunday, July 5, 2015

20th Monthsary: Tokyo Table

"Irasshaimase, Konbanwa!" is the greeting of the waiters once you enter this Japanese Restaurant. Tokyo Table welcomes you to try their Smokeless Grill, Sushis and Asian Fusion foods. And try we did with my Love to celebrate our 20Months of being together. ♥

STOP!! (Hahaha.. I just had to because of that cutie right there with his hand sign and all.. ☺)Before we start this gastronomical feast, let's see first how much this will cost our pockets.
We went there for dinner on a Thursday evening so it costed us 728php per person. That's all inclusive of VAT and service charge so no need to worry about hidden charges. ☺ It's a bit expensive but with the array of food to choose from, it's totally worth it.
And what do they have?
Well, true to their name, every table has an installed Smokeless Grill. You can choose from Beef Strips, Pork Strips, Samgyeupsal, Chicken, Hotdog, Squid, Shrimp to grill at your hearts content.
A tip: Don't be shy to ask the waiter for an additional oil to the grill or a replacement even if it gets to dark because of burned meat. They will be very happy to help you. 
We mostly just passed through them (because we were intent on eating all the meats as we can.. #CARNIVORE) but they have Tempura, Sushis, Bulgogi, Sashimi, Salad Station, Steamed Station (Siomai, Siopao), some cooked meats (I'm liking the Pata Tim and Humba), and rice. That's a lot huh?!?
Pluuuus it's also unlimited drinks to boot!!You can have your choice of Soda or Iced Tea. And because we are non-soda drinkers (you should be too!) we went for Iced Tea in which they have Red, Blue, Pink and Regular. I like them colorful drinks! *wink
I'm in my happy place right now, just looking at them! DESSERT! Too bad I hadn't had the chance to taste them all. I will come back for you, Brazo de Mercedes, Chocolate Truffle and I want more of you Creme Brulee, Leche Flan, and Choco Lava! Sighhhhh..
In addition, they have IceCreams and a Make-Your-Own-Halo-Halo!
Whoooo! That was A LOT!
I'm salivating while writing this. Too bad I had a bit of a cold when we went here. But I'm hoping we can visit again! #CrossingFingers ♥
I also made a video, so please watch it! 
Tokyo Table | City Time Square, Mandaue, Cebu City (Right beside LIV) | 032-239-7000 | Mondays - Sundays | Lunch (11:30am ~ 2:00pm) Dinner (6:00pm ~ 10:00pm)
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