Saturday, December 15, 2012

Make-up Haul

So I've been obsessed with make-up for the last few months for no particular reason. Maybe because I just like to look good and feel good. That's what make-up should make girls feel, and not the other way around. :D

Anyway, last month, I've hoarded make-up products for me to use on my Oath Taking last December 01,2012. Here are some of the products that I've bought:

IN2IT Eyebrow Powder - 250+php

Nichido Make-up Collection - 100php

This make-up collection is really a steal with 8 eyeshadow colors and 2 blushes and not to mention the Nichido Lip Stain which is free. :D
Romantic Beauty Eyeshadow - 30php

This eyeshadow is a bit shimmery but who am I to complain? It's just for 30php anyway. :D

4U2 DFY9 Eyeliner - 310php
This is a bit expensive to think that I can buy a gel eyeliner for about 250php or a decent eyeliner for about 110php. Note to self: don't ask the boyfriend to buy make-up products! 

Kokoryu Eyelash Curler - 79php
Well, it gets the job done so I'm satisfied.

And these eye creams from Lancome and Helena Rubenstein are great in reducing wrinkles and eye puffiness. 


 L.A Colors Liquid Makeup in Buff - 169php

 I like this shade because it blends well with my natural color. The consistency is okay and it offers light to medium coverage but I think that it's pretty buildable. The downside is that there is no SPF indication on the packaging so I don't know if I'm being protected or not. And also, it kinda reflected light when using flash photography so in some of my photos, my skin tones don't match. And oh, other people who have used this product reviewed that they have break outs after using it so you better test it first and see if your skin will have break outs. 


Nichido Lip Liner in Rosette - 100php

For my lips, I usually don't use a lip liner but on special occasions, putting on a lip liner before the lipstick will help my lips look more prominent or plumb. It gives you that Angelina Jolie kind of feel and we all want that. Teehee. And this will also help in the longevity of your lipstick.

Ever Belina Matte Lipstick in Off Beat Pink - 155php

Yeah guys, I wear lipstick now! Gone were the days when the only lip products I know are balms, and gloss. And I must say, it suits me. :)

I also like to finish my lips with this Starlight Lip Color from Nichido which is for free when you buy the make up collection. This just finishes my lips especially because I'm still not very used to the matte thing and I'm still transitioning. It has glitters on it too which is awesome!

I know that this is not part of the make up haul but I just want to show this to you and thank ate Majelle for giving this to me (her pasalubong from Europe). Thank you te. :)

It comes with a Hand and Body Lotion, a Perfume and a Lip Balm.

What's so cool about the perfume is the tiny bead inside. Amazing, isn't it?

*Some of the products are borrowed from my sister. :) (without her consent but she loves me,so :) )
I'd love to hear from you! :*
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