Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Wishlist Part 1

Calling you all friends of mine out there! I have generously made a blog post to help you in your dilemma, finding the perfect gift for me! I'm awesome, right? Admit it, I am. Lolz
Kidding aside (or maybe not), here is my "Practical" Holiday Wishlist. :D

1. Elf Bronze and Blush Duo
 I've been coveting this for like ever. It is the perfect cheek product to give me that nice contour and glow.

2. A Mascara
Nothing completes the look than a flirty and curly eyelash. :D

3.  Acid Wash Skinny Jeans
 This jeans just emphasizes the features that you want emphasized. 

4. Blazers
An effortless way to look formal and classy even with just a tee underneath. I so love Anne Curtis' blazer in her new Cellphone commercial. That's what we all like to look everyday or on special occasions.

5. Ankle length Boots 
I don't know why buy I just like to have an ankle length bootie. I know it's not appropriate for the Philippine weather but I think we, Filipinos, are adopting more and more to our foreign neighbors, don't you think?

6. Black Loafers
 I have tried a pair in Robinson's Department store and I have to say, my feet loves them! :)

7. Charm Bracelet
Who would have thought that Christian Grey would give me a perfect gift idea? Give a charm bracelet with cute charms that will signify your relationship and then add the charms as you count the years. :)

8. Arm Party!
Bracelet sets are an effortless way to accessorize and complete a look. 

9. Hat

Hats are good protection for the main and it just gives you that rock chick vibe. 

10. Organizer
I want to start growing a collection and I think this will help with that.

So there you go. I hope I have given you an idea and I'd also like to know what's on your wishlist. Please do comment below. Happy Christmas everyone! :D

*All of the photos from this post are from Google Images.
I'd love to hear from you! :*
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