Monday, January 30, 2017

#UnbeliBaboyYear3: Baguio

When we were just planning our Anniversary Trip, we both decided that we want to explore Baguio City again. We've both been there but on a different time and company. That's why we wanted to go back, this time, together.
Exploring Baguio was also one of the reasons why we did not gave in to Package Tours offering a Sagada Tour with Baguio side trip. Had we gotten one, most of our time would be spent in Sagada and the only part of Baguio we can explore is the Strawberry picking.
DIYing this trip proved to be a good choice for us since both Sagada and Baguio are such Tourist-Friendly towns! And we could go wherever we want whenever we want. :)

Baguio's tourism has never declined once. It's the Summer Capital of the Philippines but really, it is nice to visit all year round.
It was around lunchtime (2nd Day of our getaway) when we arrived in Baguio. We ate lunch at Good Taste (near GL Trans) and went to Hotel Henrico to check-in.
After a bit of freshening up, we then went to Burnham Park. The famous park in Baguio. :)
Paddle Boat around the Lake - Php200/30mins
We rented a Swan Boat and paddled our way around Burnham Lake.
Trisikad - Php50/30mins
We also rented a Trisikad and explored the rest of the park. The boyfriend also burned some calories (y). Hahaha
Enjoying some street foods, Cotton Candy and Strawberry Icecream.
The next day, our first agenda was to visit the Lourdes Groto.
Thanking Papa Jesus through Mama Mary for all the blessing we have received. And for giving us another year to be together. <3
After Lourdes Groto, we then went to Mines View Park.
It is so called because it is high above and you can see the mines from there.
We took a lot of touristy pictures and bought some souvenirs and pasalubongs as well. :D
Photo op with St. Bernard
A view of the mines
So pretty pink horse!
And we rented Igorot Costumes to complete the experience.
Igorot Swag!
The Mansion and Wright Park is just a jeepney away from Mines View Park.
The Mansion is the home of the Philippine President whenever he wishes to go to Baguio City.
A must try, Strawberry Taho!
It really tastes good, promise! He just don't eat Taho. Hahaha
A trip to Baguio wouldn't be complete without foodtrip. When we arrived in Baguio, it was on the exact date as our Anniversary. So we decided for a little dinner date. And with the help of the internet, we found Camping Date.
The restaurant is very unique because there are tents inside it.
Dinner is served.
For lunch the next day, we went to 50's Cafe.
On my first visit to Baguio, I also came here and was really impressed with the affordable food and generous serving. I made sure to visit it again and my Love was also really impressed!
My Woman on the Hood lunch with PorkChop, Chicken, Fish, and Hotdog. That's a lot, right?
His Double Porkchop.
From our orders, it looked like I eat waaay more than him. Hahaha. The food was actually too much for me and I shared some of it with him.
For dinner, we went to Sizzling Plate and my Love really loved their Sizzling Sisig. (y)
Ahhh Baguio, you will always be the city that is worth a visit. While we were still there, we were already planning for the next trip. This one definitely, we would love to go back again!
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