Monday, January 23, 2017

BeautyMNL: Best Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care

Last Holiday Season, I've been a suki of online shops! I mean, really, almost all of my gifts were bought online.
But when it comes to make-up, I'm a little bit skeptical.
Until I was introduced to BeautyMNL!
FINALLY, a beauty destination for YOU!
BeautyMNL offers Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care and even Accessories that we girls love.
Shopping in the site is so easy. You just have to:
1. Sign-up
2. Wait for the confirmation email (although, this took quite a while. I received my confirmation email about 30minutes)
3. Once you have confirmed your email address, you can now sign-in and shop to your hearts (or wallets... hehehe) content!
And that's what I did! I happily browsed for hours on the site. The navigation is easy too. There are tabs for every category (Skin Care, Hair Care, Make-up, Nail Care, Organic, Essentials, Brands) and products can be sorted and filtered according to your preference.
I am not really a heavy make-up user (I don't even know how to have #onfleek brows or to apply eyeliner) but I do wear make-up everyday. So when I browsed through the site, I was more drawn to the basics -- Powder, Blush, Lippies, Tools!
And boy was I happy with the selection! They have both local and international brands, some brands are even hard to find here in the PH.
So what did I get?
Carry Me Blusher by Liole - Php495.00
My current blush, a Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, is almost hitting pan. So I was in the hunt for a new one. I almost caved in and bought the same blush because I am currently liking it but I restrained myself and force myself to discover a new one. That's when one of the features of the site became very handy, REVIEWS! Seriously, a BIG THANK YOU to the people who takes their time to write reviews. It really helps a lot of undecided and uninformed first time buyers! It helps us save a ton of money from buying products that may turn out crappy.
And to encourage buyers to review, BeautyMNL is giving away Php300.00 worth of credits for every 30 reviews a Certified Buyer successfully completes, until you reach 150 reviews. Rewarding, right?!?
Stay Matte Pressed Powder by Rimmel - Php432.00
I've been wanting a "Stay Matte" for years! I have an oily face and coupled with our humid temperature, I get oily, specially on the T-Zone, very fast. So when I saw this on the site, for sure, I was going to get it. But my heart kind of broke a bit when it arrived broken. :( The cover has cracks in it but good thing the product remained intact.
Oval Brush for Blush by Details - Php229.00
Save the best purchase for last, the Oval Brush! People have been hyping on how revolutionary this brush is. And guilty as charged, I want to try it for myself! I know it says "for Blush" but I've been using it to blend my foundation. And so far, I'm loving it!!!! It's dense and soft to the touch! And for the price, it's such a steal! One of my happy purchase. <3
Another thing that I like about BeautyMNL is that, they are not only an online shop, but they have a magazine as well. Bloom provides us with articles about beauty and skin care and what the new trends in the beauty department are. One of my favorite articles is the Spurge and Save where they compare a high-end to a drugstore product. So when on a budget, maybe try the drugstore alternative and you might be surprised at how comparable it is to the high-end one, minus the price tag!
Visit BeautyMNL now and experience it for yourself! ;)
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