Sunday, February 19, 2017

#UnbeliBaboyYear3: DIY Itinerary

Another memorable Anniversary spent with the LOVE that makes all the long hours of journey and winding road all worth it! <3
Despite last year's uncertainties and problems, we were so blessed that God allowed us to spend another memorable year exploring His wonders! To more years spent together! :*

- Be weather appropriate. We made sure to bring our jackets and it was a good thing since it was drizzling when we got there.
- Be prepared for muddy trails especially when going to the Hanging Coffins.
- Also, wear something you don't mind getting wet in when doing the Cave exploration.
- First thing you need to do upon arriving at Sagada is to visit the Tourism Center.
- Keep your receipt from the Tourism Center because you will be asked for it in all the Tourist Destinations
- Always, always go with a Tour Guide
- Bring enough cash!
- No need to worry about the lodging since there are a lot of Lodging Houses in the Town

- There's not much to say about Baguio since it is very tourist friendly, but do wait up until 9pm in Harrison Park and experience the dirt cheap Ukay-ukay
- Oh, by the way, bear in mind that the favorite Peanut Brittle pasalubong is hollow in the middle >_<

Enchanted Kingdom
- I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT BRING FOOD inside EK!
- Deposit all your luggage in Walter Mart before going to EK. Just bear in mind that the Mall closes at 9pm

The Itinerary

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3rd Anniversary Trip:
#UnbeliBaboyYear3: Sagada
#UnbeliBaboyYear3: Baguio
#UnbeliBaboyYear3: Enchanted Kingdom
#UnbeliBaboyYear3: DIY Itinerary
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