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✨Debut @ 25✨

7years ago, when it was "really" the time for parties, cotillions and dances, I had college friends, home-cooked meal, and swimming pool. But I think it is every 18-year old girls' dream to experience a Debut Party. And admittedly, I wanted to experience it. However, it would have been selfish and impractical to ask from my parents back then.

Flash forward to now, I still wanted to experience it. To be surrounded with my loved ones and to be danced by the most gentle of men. =

So when I had the opportunity (and the money :P), I immediately grabbed it! 😍😍😍
I am very happy and proud to be able organize the whole thing and DIYed some of it. It was not perfect but it was perfect for me! ❤️

Thaaaank you to all the important people in my life who came to celebrate with me! Your presence in my life is the greatest gift! 😘😘😘
 Grand Entrance with my girls lighting up the path with Firework Fountain Candles :)
I love these candles! It's a staple now in every birthdays. :D
My humble decorations. <3
It was the best idea not to go all out on the cake but instead, have a dessert buffet!
It added to the overall decoration and there were assorted sweets!
Many people definitely enjoyed this, myself included!
Many thanks to my relative, Ate Cherile, who baked and prepared all these goodies and was very happy to work with my very limited budget! :*
Cookie Candy <3
Cupcakes! :)
My mini cake! :)
My DIY decoration only made with Japanese Paper. This only costed me about Php20 or less.
And I thank my #ItsComplicatedFriends for the Letter Balloons that they gave me!😘
It was one less thing for me to worry about. Solve na akong decoration! ☺️
Another one to be thankful for - a very helpful and talented friend - Kazel of FingersCrossedInvites. Thank you Kaze for readily offering your help without me even asking you to! 😘 The invitation layout was sweet and beautiful!
We then enclosed Kazel's creation with yet another DIY Heart-Closure Envelope.
Thank heavens we only had to do 12 invitations or it would have taken us a whole day to make 100! 😁
And thank you internet for creative people that let us copy their works! πŸ‘πŸ»
#CarpioFamily does the Cotillion dance.
1🌹: Papa
2🌹: Kuya Jhun
3🌹: Dean Matthew (the cutest!)
4🌹: Christian
5🌹: Kuya Francis
These gentlemen that were with me from Highschool till now! 😘
6🌹: @thekylesuarez 
7🌹: @karl.mauro
It was nice too see your dance moves #Brokers! Hahahaha
7🌹: @karl.mauro 
8🌹: @joneru 
9🌹: @ralph700
Hello there brothers!! Thaaank you for giving in to your baby sister's request! ☺️ #KrisJenCisAnneVillaSiaSecanJr 
I hope there will still be time for us to gather and be complete again...
10🌹: @krismaglasang 
11🌹: @deoxy_ribon 
12🌹: @raymundsesican
Be good always boys ha... And keep in touch😘 Missed seeing you everyday and mga kwela antics natoh #HappyPTYDays! 
13🌹: @paulieurithane 
14🌹: Bimby
15🌹: Franz
And the mosssst important Bayeeeets in my Life! With my Partner for Life! You are my BestMen and I know the whole #ItsComplicatedFriends have my best interest at heart ❤️! 😘😘😘
16🌹: @adonis_cabigon 
17🌹: @dex_tung 
18🌹: @nicz31 ❤️❤️❤️
Please grant my ❤️'s desire... God willing! πŸ™πŸ»
To my dearest and jolliest friend, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude! Kadtong nag ask c Lablab kinsa ang Emcee, I immediately said "C Eunice!"... Hahaha... Sa way pagduha2... G.volunteer na tika! 😝 Alam na this! Thaaank you for infecting my guests and the party with your liveliness! Love you! 😘😘😘 @_youknees
And to my Love, who is always their to support all my whims and desire, thank you for being at my side always from planning until completion. There were things that I asked you to do and though you don't want to, you do it because you love me!
I love you my Last Dance, my Love! 😘
Ohana ❤️
Zee Boys πŸ‘¦πŸ»
Zee Girls πŸ‘©πŸ»

The Budget (And the very Helpful suppliers :*)

Venue: Patio Isabel (250Php/Head for an Eat-All-You-Can Dinner with Bottomless IcedTea) | Old Banilad Road, Cebu City (behind UC Banilad)
Dessert Buffet: Ate Cherile Arcayan (2,000Php)
Invitations: Fingers Crossed Invites (Free :) But spent about 100Php for the envelope)
Decorations: Letter Balloons form Hannah's Party Needs (30Php/Letter with additional 3Php for the inflation) | Japanese Paper from Visayan School Supplies (about 20Php)
Make-up: #Fredsonized by John Fredson Granada (1,000Php)
Dress: Alla Moda Shoppe (600Php)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3
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