Monday, June 13, 2016

Sirao Flower Farm: Little Amsterdam in Cebu

I've actually been kind of late in this bandwagon. Sometime last year, tourists were flocking in trying to experience and snap a picture of the beautiful Celosia Flowers. My Facebook feed was actually filled with these beauties at one point! Hehehe

After being transported to Greece with the Pillars from Temple of Leah, I am now being transported to Amsterdam with the Celosia Flowers here in Sirao Farm.
The farmers in Sirao have actually been planting, harvesting, and selling these flowers for a while now. But about October last year, it blew up in social media and people were flocking in to take pictures. It actually got to the point where the flowers got damaged. The owner graciously asked the netizens to take good care and be mindful of the flowers when visiting. I guess that's the reason why they increased the Entrance Fee to cover for the damages in case there are no flowers to sell.
Some trinkets and accessories that you can buy. They also sell food inside and outside of the farm! :)
When we visited, I actually braced myself for the worse because we went there on summertime. And yep, I was right. There were only little flowers. I tried asking the caretaker on their Facebook page prior to our visit but they did not replied. Of course, it did not stop us for taking a lot of pictures! :)
Tip: go there on rainy season around October and November. Also note that they harvest the flowers every 3-4 months.
How to get there:

- By Car: Sirao Flower Farm is just a few metes away from Ayala Heights in Busay. Just find your way to Ayala Heights and when you are very near, pay close attention to the a road going to the right. There is also a signage there pointing you to where Sirao Farm is. A parking lot is also near.

- By Public Transport: From JY Square Mall, there are a lot of motorcycles willing to take you to the Farm. The ride would normally cost about 100php/person (not really sure...please do comment if you know the fair...thanks!). With a bit of haggling though, you might be able to lower the price. Also, negotiate clearly with the driver. You can ask them to come back and pick you up on an agreed time or have them wait for you while you take pictures to your heart's content. But do note that they may ask for an additional payment as waiting fee.
I do hope to visit again one day and see the flowers in full bloom. I can only imagine how beautiful they are! <3

Sirao Flower Farm | Brgy. Sirao, Cebu City | Monday-Sunday 8:00am - 5:00pm | Entrance Fee: 30php 

Enjoooy! :*
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