Monday, June 20, 2016

Marvelous Maravilla

While everyone else was flocking in the famous beaches, my friends and I decided to take the "beach less swam by" because A) It is less crowded and B) It is less expensive.

So we ended up in Maravilla Beach in Tabuelan, the last destination of our summer escapade.
Although it was a bit crowded when we got there(it was the Brgy's fiesta that time), reason "B" was still checked! We did not spend a lot to enjoy the white sand beach, the sunset, and the sea.
We planned on staying overnight so to lessen the cost of renting a room, we brought our own tents and paid the 100Php/tent pitching fee.
But, as I said earlier, they do have rooms, cottages and even tents for you to rent.
As for the food, worry you not because BBQs and Puso are for sale in the area. We, however, brought our own Pork to grill for dinner, and yes, they have a grilling area as well.
For breakfast, we suited ourselves with bread, and cooked our own hotdog, corned beef and pancit canton. :)
After enjoying breakfast, we swam to our heart's content, played games where there is always someone who cheats, made a lot of videos and just had fun! :)
They also have a Restroom nearby where you can use the toilet for 3php and the shower for 5php.
How To Get There:
- By commuting: You can take a bus going to Tabuelan in North Bus Terminal and debus in the town proper. From there, you can ride motorcycles that will take you to Maravilla Beach.
-By private vehicle: You have two options in reaching the town of Tabuelan. You can take the Balamban-Tuburan-Tabuelan route or the Danao-Catmon-Sogod route.
To experience both routes and because it is more convenient, we took the Balamban route in going to Tabuelan and took the Danao route in going home. And based on experience, the Danao route is faster.
Tip: Ask the locals (who are very happy to help), where the Brgy. Hall of Maravilla is located. The beach is just on the right side of the Brgy.Hall. Also, all the transactions are done there (paying of tent, cottage, parking fee, etc.) so pay a visit in the Brgy.Hall first.
Maravilla Beach is really one of the underrated beaches we have. The only thing that we kept on complaining about was how hot it was! Yes it's summer so it's understandable but there weren't a lot of shades in the area. Also, there was no wind during nighttime. :(
But other than that, Maravilla Beach is really affordable, convenient and friendly!

Enjoooy! :*
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