Monday, June 27, 2016

Soft Serve Ice Cream @ Room for Dessert

Casa Verde's newest dessert restaurant has been trending lately.
A lot of buzz has been going on about the very first Soft Served Ice Cream enveloped in delicious Fairy Floss in Cebu that it has been featured in INSIDER Food! Way to go! :)
Room for Dessert by Casa Verde offers these premium Soft Serve Ice Cream in Fairy Floss and more.
They have 5 varieties to choose from and you can choose whether to have it in a Cone or in a Cup.
I ordered the Julianna's Cookie Madness in cup for Php69. Although the cone is cheaper by Php10 and I wanted to try how their cone tastes, I've decided against it and saved myself the messiness.
Because of its popularity, people have been flocking wanting to try it for themselves. Good thing we scored some tables. :) However, the order took a few minutes to be delivered. But good things come to those who wait! ;)

Overall, the Soft Serve Ice Cream really looks cute. The ice cream however, tastes like the ones from 7-Eleven. Nothing special in there. The cotton candy though is another story. It was really sugar packed. Melts in the mouth is not full of air. :) And it was FUN and delicious eating the cookies and chocolates! I might go back and try the Ting's Heavenly Chocolate! :)

Room for Dessert by Casa Verde | SM Seaside, Cebu City (beside SkyPark and WaterPark) | Everyday 10am - 9pm

Enjoooy! :*
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