Monday, August 4, 2014

Science Discovery

For our last day of vacation, we procrastinated and stayed the entire morning in our hotel room. Special thanks to kuya of Crown Regency for letting us stay the extra hour. :)
But inevitably, we got kicked out so headed out the hotel and went to the Mall of Asia.
One cannot miss this when visiting Manila. But before you judge, we didn't do the usual shopping and strolling in the mall. Instead, we went to discover science in Science Discovery. #lame Sorry, I couldn't think of something else. Hehe
Grabbing lunch first. It is important to keep our tummies happy. :)
Hi there Mr. Armstrong! :)
For 360Php per person, you get to watch a show in the Planetarium and an unlimited access to the labs and museum. The Planetarium was, of course, the highlight and we picked the Journey to the Stars to watch. It was amazing. It was like watching in IMAX minus the sunglasses but add the feeling that you are moving. It is dome-shaped and you will not be seated in an upright position but rather you will be seated like you are laying down. And they will play the show right above your head. It was a good 23minute documentary of what the stars are made up and how they were formed.
Smile everyone! :)
On your next visit to the Mall of Asia, maybe you can discover science too! :) 

Science Discovery | SM Mall of Asia

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