Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baguio Food Trip

Visiting Baguio will never be complete without experiencing the local Diners and Restaurants. So when we visited last month, we made it a point to eat in local restaurants and that meant no fast foods or restaurants that can be found in the metro.

First stop, 50's Diner. Located at Leonard Wood Road, 50's Diner is one of the restaurants that you must try. There American style serving, 50's feel, sumptuous food, fast service and a menu that is good for the budget is highly recommended.

We ordered the "You and I" which is a deep fried ground beef and ground chicken topped with tartar and mayo sauce ala Croquet.

And I ordered the "Guys on the Hood" which is a combination of pork chop, slice pizza, chicken, spaghetti and garlic bread served with fried and vegetables.
All in all, we paid about 400php for this whole meal (including the shakes). Not bad eh? 

Ready to Sizzle? Nothing Beats the Old Sizzle of Sizzling Plate Baguio.

They offer Pinoy favorites like Grilled Pork Chop, Chicken Barbeque, Boneless Bangus, Sisig and others sizzling hot on the plate.

The native interior is also very cozy.

And they also offer a complementary soup. :)

We paid a total of 335php for this hearty meal (no drinks).

Burrrrrpppppppppppp. Pardon me but these foods were just too good to pass up. And besides, Diet was on a hiatus that weekend. Teehee.

I really enjoyed the food. I hope you did too. :)

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