Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunny Day

Top : Thrifted | Skirt : Thrifted | Belt : Hanbee Store |
 Bag : St.Francis Square | Sandals : Parisian

Let us take a break from all the Baguio trip posts for a while (sorry but there are 3 more posts) and let me share with you what I wore to church last Sunday.

Thankfully, Mr. Sun has now made a comeback after a few days of being MIA. I hope that everyone was safe during the storm. Don't worry, we will bounce back. After all, we Filipinos are waterproof di ba?

On a sour note, I lost my phone yesterday. :( It was stolen from my bag while I was walking along a crowded market. So to my friends, if you receive texts from me, well, it is not me anymore.

I hope I can find a replacement soon and that my budget will allow it. Because I can live without Television but I surely can't live without a phone. :(

How was your long weekend? 

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