Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#UnbeliBaboyYears: Delice

Last week, I have been pleasantly surprised by the very sweet boyfriend for our 42nd Monthsary.
For the past 2months, we have been low-key in celebrating our special day so I was not expecting anything. But of course, there was a little part of me that hoped that we would go out even just to a simple dinner or dessert somewhere. So when a friend asked us what our plans were and the boyfie just answered "None", all expectations were gone.
That night, I went home early, changed into my home clothes and watched some YouTube videos when suddenly, I heard a knock on the door and viola, zee boyfriend appeared and hurriedly asked me to change again. :D
So up to Busay we went until we arrived at Delice Recipes.
I've been wanting to visit Delice even before because of its ambiance.
The overlooking view of the city with the twinkling city lights and the cool breeze is just very romantic! <3
Their dinner menu ranges from 250Php - 1,200Php so 
you can choose according to your budget. ^_^
We ordered the Sizzling Steak (Medium Rare) and I tell you, this is a very worth it. The Steak is very tender and the cut is big enough. You can choose to have Garlic Rice or Mashed Potatoes to go along with it.
They also have Sandwiches that ranges from 220Php - 350Php.
We also got the Angus Burger that comes with a side of French Fries. The burger is so satisfying. It feels like there is no meat extender and you are biting into pure beef. This is definitely a must try!
For dessert, we had their famous Quatro Leches. I asked kuya waiter what their creamiest dessert is and he recommended Quatro Leches to me. Although it wasn't creamy, it was sweet enough and the size of the jar is pretty big. 
The Menu
How To Get There
Delice is located at Tops, Busay. Just take the road going to Tops View-deck, the restaurant is just after you take a left turn, if your coming from the City, going to the view-deck. Public transportation may get a bit tricky but I guess you can ask the restaurant to call you a Taxi when you go back to the city proper since there are not a lot of public transportation passing by.
There is a parking space if ever you would like go there via private vehicle.
Thank you my Love for this wonderful surprise! :* Ohhh, and by the way, I just saw pictures of their pancakes, and boy were they drool worthy! *wink *wink :D

Delice Recipes | The Top Property, Busay Cebu City | 0906-425-8799 | 2pm - 12am Daily

Enjoooy! :*
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