Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#UnbeliBaboyEats: Sulbing

I have been hearing a lot about Sulbing since their first branch at Country Mall. Searching the internet for what they offer, I was easily lured by the pictures!
But when they opened a new branch at IT Park, to be honest, I had a little apprehension to try it. My friends told me that it was all ice and not worth it but gosh, I really wanted to try it for myself.

The Oreo was probably the cheapest in the menu (others were priced at 300php-400php) but with its serving size, it can be shared to up to 3 people. Indeed it was full of shaved ice and the toppings were, well, only at the top but I was really overwhelmed by the beauty of it and by its size. It was a very nice first experience! 😋👍🏻
Amazed at these replica #Sulbing 😅 It looks real and true to the replica, the real version are of the same size and design 👌🏻

Sulbing Dessert Cafe | Gaisano Country Mall (Ground Floor) |  eBloc2 I.T. Park, Lahug | 10AM - 11PM Daily

Enjoooy! <3
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