Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Color Manila Run 2015: Cebu Edition

I am beyond happy that my Summer 2015 ended with a blast-full of colors! They really put FUN in FUNRUN! No time-limit to mind. No personal record. Just run, or walk, stop and take a ton of selfies. ☺

Thank you to these amazing and super game people who didn't mind getting dirty with me! :*
Let's do this again this September in the Black Light Edition ha! :D 
Before you get colored, you get wet first. Hehe
Thank you Color Manila For these freebies:
Color Manila Foldable Shades in adorable Colors,
Drawstring Bag,
Brother Manila's super cute Brother Ink Pillow (and the reason why I ran 6k in the first place.. hehe),
Comfiest Singlet ever!
And this unique CM Medal!!
Don't worry. You will be reunited with you brother soon. Can't wait for September!
Trivia: See the holes in the Medal? The spaces will be filled by its' brother that you will get when you join the Color Manila Black Light Edition. Cool eh?? :D
Be sure to not miss the Color Festival after the run. You will experience this breathtaking (literally, because of all the colored powders.. So asthmatic people, be careful) kaleidoscope! :D
The dirtier you are, the better! Because it means that you really had fun! ☺
P.S., I can't stop smiling while writing this. Hahaha. I still have a ColorManila hangover!!

Color Manila Run | Color Manila Run Facebook Page

Photos courtesy of : UnbeliBaboy PhotoS
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