Monday, February 3, 2014

Papa Kit's

Too bad I wasn't able to run my very first 25k run. Damn this stomach flu for sneaking up on me the day before the run. So yeah, there goes my dream of being a marathoner and conquering 25k. Oh well, maybe next time.
Anyways, we did practiced for it and run from Marcelo Fernan Bridge to Papa Kits in Lilo-an, Cebu.
After being on the road for almost 2hrs, we took our time and enjoyed Papa Kits (which you will see in the pictures below). :)
Entrance Fee is 100php with the 50php consumable on all activities.
Swimming Pool - 100php
Hanging Bridge - 50php
Wall Climbing - 100php
Horseback Riding - 75php for 15mins
They also have this All-Terrain Vehicle but sad to say, it wasn't working when we got there.
Zip Line - 200php
They also have a bicycle which you can rent for 50php and a Fishing Rod for 100php.
Fishing Cottages range from 200php to 600php.

You may contact Papa Kit's on 424-1085 or 09228921444 or visit there website at Papa Kit's.
I'd love to hear from you! :*
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