Monday, November 26, 2012

Rock Chic

 Blouse: Modellare Shop

Skirt: BNY Jeans – this is DIY actually. I bought it originally as a pair of flared jeans but now that skinny jeans are in, I can’t bring myself to wear flared jeans anymore.   So as not to waste it, I turned it into a skirt. And voila, the finished product. :)

This DIY tutorial is what I followed in turning my Jeans to Skirt.

Bangles (well, a part of it that is) : Reblog Hub – 100php

Shoes: Forever21 – 250php only. What a steal, right?

And of course a SMILE for YOU! :D

I always have my cellphone in my hands. hehehe

zzzzzzz…A very tiring day. :)
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