Friday, November 18, 2016

Unli Samgyeopsal @ The Bada

Another Eat-All-You-Can, but this time, it's for the Korean Food lovers!
When we were looking for somewhere to have dinner for my bestfriend Ping's despedida, my equally picky (best word to describe... hahaha) bestfriend, Kyle, wanted to go for Korean food. So I scoured the internet for cheap, worth the money, and unlimited (it just has to be! hahaha) Samgyeopsal.
And that's when I found "The BADA by you Korean Restaurant". 

For 299Php, you get to enjoy UNLIMITED MEAT that includes Pork Belly, marinated Pork, Pork Bolgogi, Rice, and Side Dishes!
So we cooked to our heart's content and until our tummies got full! :)
The drinks, however, are sold separately. We ordered a pitcher of Iced Tea for 150Php.
But watch out for burnt meat. Hehehehe
One of the people who can make me laugh in Facebook, comedian and Youtuber Jomie Hospital, also visited!
The restaurant is big enough to accommodate a lot of people.
They have 3-4 (not really sure) private rooms for 5-6 people, 2 rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people where you can also sit Korean style, and tables and chairs for 2-4 people.
We got a private room with 2 stoves. It's spacious enough for us to move freely but when the cooking starts, it gets kinda hot inside.
Over-all, the ambiance was not really a winner but the affordability of it may be the reason if I will ever come back. Plus, their Pork are not bad too! (y)

The BADA by you Korean Restaurant | Escario St., Camputhaw, Cebu City (across ButterBean, Kuya Js) | Lunch: 12pm-3pm | Dinner: 5pm-11:30pm | Unlimited Meat: 299Php

Enjoooy! :*
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