Monday, August 22, 2016

New Flavor on our Favorite Unli Chicken Wings!

Our favorite and most loved Unlimited Chicken has now upgraded with a New Branch, New Building, and New Flavor!
Weeeee... That's a lot of new. Hahaha

First off, they have a newly opened branch now at Parkmall. So our friends from the Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu area don't need to go that far to taste their unlimited offerings. That's a great news!
Mild Teriyaki
Secondly, their first branch in Wilson St., Lahug, has just expanded to accomodate more diners! Yeeeey! No more looooong waiting time. ☺️
Asian BBQ (favorite! :))
And lastly, a new flavor on the menu. Introducing, the Garlic Chicken Parmesan! So all the cheese lovers might find these interesting! ☺️ I still love my Asian Barbecue though. Hahaha
Garlic Parmesan
But what remains is the affordability (still priced at 199Php Unli Chicken with Rice and add 40php for Unli IcedTea) and the taste that will make you coming back for more! 😋

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