Saturday, May 14, 2016

Amidala Cafe

Last May 4, as we celebrate our Monthsary, it also was the #StarWarsDay. So we went somewhere very apt to celebrate.
In the heart of the City, specifically in Maria Cristina Arcade Building, near Sacred Heart School Hijas, is Amidala Cafe.

The owner admitted that he was a Starwars fan that's why he came up with the theme.
The Wookie - 190Php
They have other items on their menu but they are most known for their Gigantic Milkshake that not only taste good but also look good.
I mean, look at that heaps and heaps of chocolatey goodness!
The Force Choke - 190Php
Nevermind the calories, they don't count in desserts. 😜
The cafe full of Starwars pharaphernalia.
The Menu
New on the Menu: Strawberry Milkshake - 190Php
The place is a bit small though. They only have 4 tables inside, so the customers are asked to stay for at most 2hours to give way to other customers.
We really don't know if we are eating this the right way! Hahaha 😂 
Their Milkshakes are really a must try! Sinful and very instagrammable. I hope they can expand so that they can cater more customers.
It is also a good thing that they frequently add something new to the menu to keep the customers coming back.
It is better to check their Facebook page to be updated.

Amidala Cafe | Maria Cristina Arcade Building (Near Sacred Heart School Hijas, behind Vacation Hotel) | Monday - Friday: 1pm - 12am | Saturday - Sunday: 5pm - 12am

Enjoooy! :*
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