Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday Motivation: Starting Again

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Hello Hello!
Here I am again! Yet another attempt to start and keep this blog afloat.
I don't know why I always go MIA. This time though, I will try to make this as a Public Diary of sort to help me enhance my writing skills. So maybe you'll see a lot of random stuffs in the future.
So happy to start my Monday with a Workout. After 3weeks of being sedentary, it's nice to be moving again. But I died after the 1st video! Hahaha. Reaping the result of my #pababoy weeks. But tomorrow, I shall try again! #JustDoIt
And it's back to work again for us after a 4-days non-work due to our Observance of the Holy Week.
So yeah, werk werk werk werk werk. :P

How was your Holy Week? How did you celebrate the Easter? :D

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